Go Sell It for Cash

If you've upgraded and don't know what to do with your old phone... why not turn it in to cash?

What Phone do you have?

Click on the device you have to start the process of turning your phone into cash.


Sell your iPhone for cash. Sell models as early as iPhone 6s all the way through to iPhone 12


Pixel Phone

We will buy any Pixel phone for cash. All the way from original Pixel to the Pixel 5.


Samsung Phone

We buy Samsungs as early as the S7 all the way through to the S21.



If you have a different phone than the 3 listed here, contact us using the button below and get a custom quote

About Paydrop

Who Are We?

Paydrop Canada was founded by a small group of people with years of experience in cell phone repairs. They are dedicated to helping you get the most value out of your old cell phone.

How Does Paydrop Work?

We ask you a few questions about your old cell phone, then our website gives you an estimated price that Paydrop Canada will pay you for it. If you agree to sell it to us at that price, we ask you pack the phone safely, label it as fragile and mail us the phone as a parcel with a free Canada Post parcel label we will email you. When we receive the phone and it is in the condition you described, we will pay by check in the mail right away.
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